J.C. Yang Architect and Associates was founded in 1996. The establishment was based on Dian-Shih Architects + Planners, founded in 1990.  Due to the rapid change of society’s need and enhancement of the competitive advantage, the company formally established a professional architecture work team.

We provide full-direction architecture services. In architecture, we have the research and the background in regards to education, society, culture, art and technology. In addition, we have numerous outstanding experiences and significant viewpoints in urban design, environment landscape design, interior space and exterior form.
To accomplish the ideal of professional architecture, we integrate advanced computer technology and cooperate with many different professional consultants: structure, civil engineer, and electric engineer, etc. Hence we can provide the best living environment quality to our clients.

In order to stay on top of the fast-paced world of continuously changing concepts, needs, technologies and tools, we are continually educating our team workers to ensure that we have the latest design and technology knowledge. Beyond our professional works, we are dedicated to our society and the practice of public welfare activities. And with confidence, we are ready to take on any challenges that will arise in the fields of architecture design, interior design, and environmental & landscape design.


Currently our team consists of sixty experienced members, eight with a master’s degree or above, thirty-two with a bachelor’s degree and sixteen with a college degree. Among the sixty members, we have four with an architect license, one qualified as real estate appraisers, nine qualified in Construction supervisor, twenty-two with a QC engineer’s certificate, and many who are graduates from architecture/construction major with manifold on-field experiences. We also have long term cooperation with many prominent structure, civil engineer and electric consultants. Thus we can guarantee our clients that the projects will be accomplished on time and with exceptional quality.

The company was divided into five different departments for the implementation of the business nature: four design departments, one administration department, one construction department, and one Kaohsiung department. In spite of the lead architect who takes charge of the company, the senior managers are drawn into the shareholders and take lead to the related professional works. Under the professional leadership of the senior managers, each department was able to become its own delegation, thus creating the company’s unique style of having each division operate as a team as well as an individual firm. Therefore, ensuring us to be more efficient and effective than other traditional architect offices and allowing us to still expand stably in such a downturn environment of construction field.